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The Spa at The Colony Palms Hotel & Bungalows is a place to recharge and nourish your mind, body, and soul. We believe that self care is not a luxury, but is an act of self love.

We offer a mix of holistic treatments to release chronic tensions and stress, balance your energy, and gain clarity. Our treatments are augmented by ancient traditional medicines from around the world that will help you experience total bliss.

We utilize therapeutic grade essential oils and natural organic products that will make you feel glowing, nourished, and renewed.

Deep tissue massage

Enjoy our therapeutic body work to relieve stress, pain and tension from connective tissues and the deepest layers of your muscles.

60 mins USD 225  / 90 min USD 275

Swedish massage

Enjoy this soft tissue body work to help relax and release built up muscle tension from busy daily activities, resume proper circulation and boost metabolism.

60 mins USD 195 / 90 mins USD 245

Prenatal and Postnatal massage

This gentle massage helps relieve tension, body aches, anxiety and aids with better sleep. Prenatal massage offered after the first trimester.

60 mins USD 195

Myofascial release massage

This therapeutic technique involves deep yet gentle pressure into the fascial connective tissues to help release pain, enhance mobility, and help balance the healthy function of your organs.

60 mins / USD 275

Lymphatic drainage massage

Gentle massage to help your body release accumulated fluids, flush out toxins and boost your immune system.

60 mins USD 195

Optimized wellness massage

Our experienced therapist will utilize and blend different body treatment techniques for your unique wellness needs.

60 mins USD 225 / 90 min USD 275

Detoxifying Body Wrap

Our proprietary formula of botanicals, essential oils and crystals is formulated to detoxify, release accumulated fluids, enhance blood flow and allow for a more peaceful state of mind. This offering starts with a full body dry brushing to enhance the lymphatic flow and circulation, followed by our signature body wrap and finished by a customized blend of essential oils and organic body butter to lock in the moisture.

50 mins / USD 235

Body Polish Treatment

Soften and add radiance to your skin with our luxurious Blue Poppy Enzyme and Coconut-Argan Oil Body Polish. Long strokes of this enzymatic exfoliant evens and smoothes skin texture, while Coconut-Argan Oil nourishes and repairs, leaving the body soft and supple.

45 mins / USD 175

Warm Oil Scalp Treatment

Enjoy this relaxing and nourishing treatment. We drizzle warmed oils onto your scalp and neck, then massage in while focusing on acupressure points along the scalp to help you get rebalanced. This treatment will leave you feeling serene with a healthy shine in your hair.

45 mins / USD 175

Organic Blue Poppy Enzyme Facial

This facial polishes your skin and minimizes pores with our gentle nutrient rich enzymes. Reset and restore beneath our LED Therapy Lights after being pampered with a combination of organic resurfacers that help you bring life back to your skin, promote healing, circulation and collagen production.

55 mins / USD 255

Gua Sha Prana Ritual Facial

Balance your chakras and clear your mind as you plump and detoxify your skin. This deeply nourishing, stress relieving facial, envelopes you in organic sea buckthorn and hemp oils to purify and detox. Gua Sha tools stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage allowing for the ultimate healing and vibrancy inside and out.

55 mins / USD 255

Cool IT Facial

Soothe desert skin with this sensory journey. Organic black mint and rhassoul clay awaken skin’s vitality while tender fruit exfoliants warm and brighten your complexion. The cooling sensation of Cryotherapy paired with rare wild carrot oil will calm and deeply hydrate even the most parched skin.

55 mins / USD 255

Vibrational Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks

Everything in the universe is energy at its most basic level, including us. We each have our unique energy field, our unique energy pattern or vibration. Sound is an invisible universal power that has been harnessed since the beginning of time to initiate transformation. Everything around us is in constant vibratory motion. We offer two styles of tuning forks for you to experience.

Body: this vibrational treatment helps lower inflammation, swelling and releases energy blockages that cause muscle tension and pain. Vibrational sound sets the body into deep relaxation. The tuning forks reset the body’s protection mode after an injury to allow it to return to homeostasis.

Energy: balance your energy system and remove energy blockages to assist the body in self-healing. Energy Chakras are cleared and balanced on the etheric level strengthening the immune system and balancing energy flow to experience more grounded clarity and high vibration.

Choose one or both to enhance any treatment

USD 150 / each


Our acupressure taping is especially recommended for sufferers of chronic pain and is designed to prolong the effects of your massage treatment. We place an elastic cotton tape (kinesio tape) over painful muscles or joints to provide support, relieve pain and improve lymph drainage, while allowing full freedom of motion. The therapeutic elastic tape provides a gentle but consistent massage to the inflamed area throughout the day, relieving the painful irritation.

The tape is 100% latex free, allows full range of motion, is water resistant, lightweight, breathable and is suitable for multiple day wear.

Choose from neck, shoulder, back, knee, wrist or foot support protocols.

USD 55 each area

Auriculotherapy with ear seeds (Ear Acupressure)

Our ear represents a microcosm of the entire body, with all body parts represented by specific areas of the ear. This gentle, non-invasive therapy is based on stimulating certain parts of the ear to alleviate stress, anxiety, body aches, food cravings, help with sleep, addictions and many more imbalances. Choose from natural vaccaria ear seeds or metal seeds plated with tonifying 24k gold and featuring crystals from Swarovski. These pellets are used to provide stimulation to points on the ear that provide treatment for various conditions and can be worn for up to 3 days.

USD 55

Constitutional Element Balancing

In ancient Asian medicine it is believed that each human being represents elements of nature that at times of stress and due to modern life pace become out of balance. These elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. This therapeutic treatment combines a specially blended organic essential oil mix for each element that is incorporated in your body work to bring you back into balance.

To help balance feelings of:

Fire: Bitterness, manipulation, unhappiness or apathy

Earth: Selfishness, overwhelmed, worry or pensiveness

Metal: Perfectionism, self-righteousness, grief or sadness

Water: Fear, anxiety, recklessness or being withdrawn

Wood: Anger, frustration, indecision or ambivalence

USD 35

Wax Service

USD 55 / per area